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Our Objectives:

In five years, TCO has grown into a family of more than 1400 amputees across India and more than 500 challengers have already participated in various marathons and other sports events in the country

A platform for discussion

Any person who looses a body part due to any reason needs to know answers to many such questions which deals with daily life. Every type of disability have different challenges which any one of the similar type of disability can answer. Such answers can be explored here.

A peer support group

Life and future for any individual who undergoes amputation is unknown. Neither he/she nor his/her family members had ever thought of such life. Support at this juncture can bring a lot of positive attitude among the folks and individual. A Challenger, who have overcome this stage is the best person to provide this support. This group will get connected with all such individuals through The Challengers present in the same city.

Sports & Adventures

All great military leaders are produced in playfields.. Games and sports builds up confidence and increases the level of motivation. Our aim is to make the Challengers break all shackles of dependency, fears of lack of mobility to open and live their life the same way as it was earlier. Sports will not only bring that change but also produce medal winners for India.

We aspire to enable amputee to become confident to dream and participate in Paralympics and win medal for country.
TCO is a trust started by Indian Army veteran friends, Maj D P Singh and Maj Bimal Mehra, who both are trustees of this NGO registered as Trust. TCO works to instill confidence in amputees to empower them with requisite knowledge and confidence so that they come out of their sedentary life style, restricted due to losing a limb/limbs, and explore their full potential by indulging them in sports. It works on the principle of improving self in order to improve and change the world and transforming the “Physically Challenged” to “Challengers”.
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